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Serving Your Family’s Vision Care Needs

To us, there is nothing more important than your family’s vision. After all, your eyesight directly affects your quality of life. At Dimond Vision Clinic, we do everything possible to preserve, correct, and enhance your vision and routine eye exams offer the best way to ensure the health of your eyes.


Yearly Eye Exams

We recommend that patients who need corrective lenses, as well as all adults, visit us once a year for an eye exam. Our Doctors do more than just write prescriptions. During your appointment, we’ll discuss your health and medical history and conduct thorough evaluations of both the external and internal structures of your eye for a complete picture of your vision health. We examine your eyes using the latest vision care technology, checking for corneal and retinal disorders, glaucoma, and cataracts. By keeping up with yearly eye exams, we can diagnose vision conditions and eye diseases in the earliest stages to quickly take steps to promote proper vision.


Children’s Eye Exams

Kids need lots of special care, and their eyes are no exception. At Dimond Vision Clinic, we provide children’s eye exams and encourage parents to bring babies for their first developmental vision screening between the ages of 6 and 12 months. As many as one in four children have a vision disorder that can interfere with learning, social development, even sports, and early detection is always best. Children’s eye exams become essential around the age of three and should be repeated at least every other year.

At Dimond Vision Clinic, we are always happy to see new patients for yearly eye exams and welcome the whole family to experience our warm, friendly atmosphere. In addition to routine eye exams, our practice provides a complete range of services including Lasik co-management, treatment of eye infections, eye allergies and dry eye, as well as treatment and management of eye diseases.